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reinventing motion

  • Schock Metall - reinventing motion

Full extension and over-extension slides

Schock full extension slides are telescopic slides that travel from 80 % to 100 % of the slide length and beyond. The travel that extends beyond 100 % is called over-extension.

The "Classic" full extension slide is a combination of two partial extension slides. By contrast, "Compact" full extension slides comprise three interlinking slide profiles, enabling a particularly slim and compact design.

Various series and slide models are available to suit specific requirements in terms of load capacity and installation space (see "Slide profiles" data sheet).

"Slide profiles" data sheet

  • "Classic" full extension slide

    Travel approx. 80% to > 100%

  • "Compact" full extension slide

    Travel approx. 80% to > 100%